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Northwestern Health Sciences University

Writing & Citing

Use this guide to find tools and resources to help you write more clearly, easily and with confidence.

Why We Cite

Citations are an essential part of writing up research.  Citations give credit to the sources that support or inform your research.  Citations are also an essential component to a paper to avoid plagiarism.  

There are numerous citation styles you can use but most NWHSU instructors ask for APA style or AMA style.  Resources in this guide will focus on those two but if you need assistance with other styles, please reach out to


If you are a Mac user, we recommend you DO NOT use Mendeley.  Due to an update, there are complications.  Please see our information on Zotero instead.


Zotero is another, free option.  This works well with Mac, PCs, and Linxus computers.  The "write and cite" extension can be added to Word and Google Docs.