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Writing & Citing

Use this guide to find tools and resources to help you write more clearly, easily and with confidence.

General AMA Resources

The AMA citation style is laid out in the AMA Manual of Style.  It is the style guide used by journals published by the American Medical Association, such as JAMA, and numerous other journals whose primary subjects are science and health care. 

The following links and tools provide more information about citing with AMA.  

In-Text Citations and The Reference List

Things to Know about In-Text Citations:

  • They highlight information you found in other sources that helped you formulate your thoughts or back up your claims
  • Guides a reader to the reference list to find all the pertinent information needed to find the original source
  • They are numerical in AMA style.  
  • They appear in superscript within your paper. 
  • They are cited in the order they appear in your paper. The first source cited is 1.  The second is 2.  The third is 3.  However, if you cite a previous source again, like your first source, you will use the original number. In this case, you'd use 1.  You'd continue with 4 the next time you introduce a new source. 

Things to Know About The Reference List:

  • Citations are placed in the order in which they appear in the paper
  • They are numbered
  • The citations contain additional information to help the reader find the full source

AMA Quick Guide