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Northwestern Health Sciences University

Library Resources for Alumni

Northwestern alumni have access to many of our library services and resources after graduation. Use this guide to learn more about how to access resources into the future.

About this Guide

Greenawalt Library encourages NWHSU graduates to embark on a career centered on the principles of Evidence-Informed Practice.  This guide will show you how to navigate continuous learning as a graduate. 

On-Campus Access to Library Tab:

  • Learn about which databases are available to you that you need to be on campus to access
  • Learn about how you can use our space (study rooms, library classroom)
  • Learn about how you can check out books
  • Learn about how you can access full-text articles

Off-Campus Options Tab:

  • Even though you lose remote access to subscription databases and journals, there are plenty of open access resources for you.  We list quite a few for you.
  • There is a sub-tab of TCM-specific external resources put together by practitioners of Chinese Medicine.  While these aren't peer-reviewed, you still might find these resources helpful as a quick guide. 

Help with Writing:

  • If you intend to pursue further education, we can still help you with your applications.