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This guide offers resources on the principles of Evidence-Informed Practice (or Evidence-Informed Medicine or Evidence-Based Medicine).

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EIP Background

Evidence Informed Practice

What Is EIP? 

Evidence-informed practice is using a combination of established research, provider experience and a patient's preferences when coming up with a treatment plan. 

This guide covers the five components of EIP:

  • Ask
  • Acquire
  • Appraise
  • Apply
  • Evaluate

Each section will contain videos, documents and/or links to resources to learn more about or help you complete each step. When consulting external links, you may also see terms such as "evidence-based practice" or "evidence-based medicine." "Evidence-based" typically refers to basing decisions on quantitative evidence.  "Evidence-informed still includes research in decisions but allows that external factors such as clinical experience, qualitative research and a patient's preferences may also factor into the ultimate health care choices.

Additional EIP Resources

Evidence-Based Practice Tutorial
University of MN

A tutorial created by the University of MN gives an overview of Evidence-Based Medicine.  There are separate tutorials that cover the five steps of EBP.  Those five steps are correlated to the 5 As.  

Intro to EBP
Duke and UNC

Another introductory tutorial created by Duke University, UNC and their libraries.  It’s a good overview of how to incorporate evidence-based practice into treating patients. The tutorial is geared toward faculty, students and clinicians.  

BMJ's EPB Toolkit
British Medical Journal

This resource is created with medical doctors in mind but the site serves as a text-based resource for: 

  • Learning EBM 
  • How to apply EBM in practice 
  • Discussing EBM (for journal clubs…etc.) 
  • Other EBM tools (Critical appraisal checklists, a glossary…etc.) 

The resource includes a bibliography of articles on components of EBM for further reading.